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We assure your quality, health, safety, and environmental (QHSE) requirements are met. We resolve business challenges for small and medium sized companies during three phases: Business Assessment, Implementation, and Operation. We focus in each phase on providing immediate value to your organization.​


N’Ginie Platform: Simple, intuitive and integrated eQMS desktop and mobile application.
The elements of the management system are achieved naturally by the team without additional resources.
  1. Basic level: Weprovide N’Ginie, our business process digitalization tool which includeson-line quality and compliance advice. Your company will accomplish 85% of theISO management system requirements by simply using our tool. We alo provide online support on quality,health and safety questions.
  2. Professional Level: In addition to the basic quality and compliance tools offered in the basic level,with the professional solution, our experts review that your company meets the applicable quality and compliance requirements. We assure your company is meeting the expectation, we perform your internal audits, review management review and evaluate your corrective actions.
  3. Premium Level: We provide a complete solution taking over the responsibility of the operation of your Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental function. We are part of your company by providing support to your team to assure compliance and continuous quality support. In addition to the professional level solution, we monitor your business, develop your management review, manage your corrective action program and create your technical documentation to meet the needs of the system.  

eQMS and Collaboration Platform​

The N’Ginie Platform has the ISO elements embedded in the methods used in Organizational Infrastructure. Collaboration Platform to document company’s processes and structure activities and documentation. Business Dashboard, Project Management, Knowledge Management, Resource Management and Allocation, Documentation and Change Control, Professional development and history.

Quality Online Support​

We support your team with questions related to quality, health, safety and environmental questions and if need with ways to maximize the use of N’Ginie, our online management tool.

Business Risk Management​

We review the context of the organization in relationship to the the organization’s mission, vision and strategic direction. We maintain the company’s SWOT analysis. We keep track of the strategic initiatives supporting the higher impact relevant internal and external business factors for the improvement the company’s business and management systems.

Business Monitoring​

We monitor the performance of the company as required by the business and the international standards. We provide a new set of eyes, we prepare performance measurements, customer satisfaction surveys, business and conduct management reviews.

Internal Audit Program​

We manage your audit program as required for the international standards and to assure your company is performing. We prepared detailed reporting findings to constructively improve the operation and the organization’s compliance to standard and regulatory requirements.

Create Management Review​

We work with the team to compile all required information and company performance to meet the standard requirements for management review in alignment with the business needs. We made this activity a management tool to support the strategic direction and company improvement.

Evaluation of Management Review​

We work side to side with the company’s leadership to evaluate the company’s performance and assess their overall compliance to the quality, health, safety and environmental requirements.

Corrective Action Management​

We execute specific savings and/or risk mitigation projects including the development of new processes due to new business initiatives. Technical, quality and regulatory support the validation and documentation of new products and services.

Evaluation of Corrective Actions​

We drive the corrective action process following disciplined methods for: proper non-conformance identification, root cause analysis, implementation plan and effectiveness review.

Technical Writing​

We maintain any required standard operating procedures, work instructions to keep your company’s processes meeting changing requirements to your team, your customers, country regulations, that are simplified and adapted to the needs and conditions of the organization.

Registration Support​

We assume full responsibility for the registration process with the notifying bodies. We maintain contact, supply information and assure a successful process with the surveillance and recertification audits. We follow up with the required information for the company questions and resolution of any nonconformances.

Core Services

Our Method


Identify your operational opportunities, compliance risks, and a road plan for implementation.


Structure your business processes to assure sustainability and growth.


Resolve your immediate, proactive and reactive quality and compliance needs.​


CO2 refrigeration control units, 4 employees, Sønderborg, DK, Recertification, revamp and operation of ISO9001:201 management system

Desinfection water generators, 8 employees, Sønderborg, DK, Implemention of ISO9001:2015 from scratch

Design, Assembly and service of control panels, 65 employees, Esbjerg, Hobro, Ikast, Sønderborg DK, Recertification, revamp and operation of ISO9001:201 management system

Testing Automated Equipment, 12 employees, Sønderborg, DK, Implemention of ISO9001:2015 from scratch

Insulin pump for Diabetes II patients, 8 employees Nordborg, DK, Quality Sytems and validation of production process to ISO13485:2009

HiRel Division – Power semiconductors, 200 employees, Leominster MA USA, Merge quality systems for four sites in compliance to AS9001C

Operating room equipment (Surgical beds, boom and lights), 22 employees, Charleston, SC, USA, Established management system to meet ISO13485:2009

 Aerospace repair station – 6 employees, Commercial aircraft electric generators, Miami FL USA, Reestablished qmanagement system to CFR 141 to regain contract with Air Canada