Habilitar el éxito empresarial


Se sabe que la falta de sistemas de gestión en laspequeñas empresas es un factor principal para el estancamiento y el fracasoempresarial. En muchas ocasiones, las pequeñas empresas no necesitan lacertificación ISO, sin embargo, una gran cantidad de informes e investigacioneshan demostrado que la implementación de un sistema de gestión ISO tiene unacorrelación directa con el desempeño financiero. Las pequeñas empresas debenconsiderar la implementación de un sistema de gestión como una decisiónestratégica para seguir siendo competitivas y crecer.


Ofrecemos soluciones de implementación con un nivel creciente de responsabilidad sobre la función de gestión de Calidad, Salud, Seguridad y Medio Ambiente (QHSE) de su empresa.
Plataforma N’Ginie: Aplicación de escritorio y móvil eQMS simple, intuitiva e integrada. Concéntrese en lo que hace mejor, mientras el sistema le asegura que cumple con sus requisitos.
  1. Básico: Proporcionamos N'Ginie, una herramienta de digitalización de procesos que simplifica la Calidad y el Cumplimiento para su empresa. Su empresa podrá cumplir con el 85% de los requisitos del sistema de gestión ISO con N'Ginie, tutoriales autoguiados y nuestra calidad y cumplimiento en línea. apoyo.
  2. Profesional: Nos aseguramos de que su empresa tenga las herramientas, el conocimiento y cumpla con los requisitos de calidad y cumplimiento. Diseñamos la arquitectura empresarial, brindamos soporte in situ para capacitar a su organización en la revisión de los procesos y resultados de la empresa.
  3. Premium: Nos asociamos con su empresa brindando una solución integral paradiseñar, desarrollar cubriendo la función de Calidad, Salud, Seguridad y MedioAmbiente de la Pyme. Ospatti asume la responsabilidad de diseñar, desarrollar yrevisar los requisitos de calidad y cumplimiento de la PYME y apoya a laempresa con registradores externos o con el gobierno.
It is known that the lack of management systems in small companies is a leading factor for business stagnation and failure. In many occasions, small companies do not need to be ISO certified, however, an abundance of reports and research have demonstrated that the implementation of an ISO management system has a direct correlation to financial performance. Small companies must consider the implementation of a management system as a strategic decision to remain competitive and to grow.

eQMS and Collaboration Platform​

ISO compliance made simple. The N’Ginie Platform has the ISO elements embedded in the methods used in Organizational Infrastructure. Our collaboration Platform establishes company’s processes. It also provides business dashboards, it turns your company in to a project-driven organization supporting initiatives around process management, knowledge management, resource management, and professional development.

Online support​

We support your team not only with use of our platform but most importantly, with questions related to quality, health, safety and environmental management system.

Business Architecture​

We design and build overall business systems to assure governability and improve effectiveness, efficiencies and collaboration within the organization. This includes mapping organization’s business processes and routines and establishing business communications and business measurements.

Business Risk Assessment and Biz Strategy​

We engage with your team and determine the context of your organization relevant to the organization’s mission and vision and strategic direction. We perform a comprehensive SWOT analysis. We identify the most relevant internal and external business factors for the development of the company’s management systems.

ROI and organizational expectation​

we analyze your company’s current situation and provide an estimate of the return of the investment on the implementation of the management system for each process. The estimate is provided in terms of efficiencies, savings of cost of poor quality, and increased efficiencies. The provide scenarios for future improvements to prioritize the improvement activities.

Management Systems Training​

A comprehensive, down-to-earth and relevant training is provided to the team as part of the cultural transformation into a world class organization.

Implementation Tools​

We provide the necessary tools to implement a quality, health, safety and environmental management system.

Process Development​

We analyze your current processes. As you are in business, your process are already at a good point. We review the process flow to streamline the operation and assure it will provide the expected results always. This includes mapping organization’s business processes and routines and establishing business communications and business measurements.

Technical Writing​

We prepare all require standard operating procedures, work instructions to establish company’s processes meeting international standards and regulatory requirements, that are simplified and adapted to the needs and conditions of the organization.

Review of Outputs​

We partner with the process owners to develop the tools that establish the process. These outputs consists on policies, work instructions, templates, system integrations and training materials for employees.

Data Analysis​

We cooperate with you to gather, review and analyze key process indicators and company performance measurements to meet the requirements of the standard, to drive performance improvement projects and customer satisfaction.

Internal Audits​

We perform internal audits to international standards, industry and client’s internal procedures. We prepared detailed reports where the findings are identified to improve the operation and the organization’s compliance to standard and regulatory requirements.

Company’s certification readiness​

In Ospatti, we prepare the entire organization for a successful registration process. We review the processes and train the team for handling the third-party audit and sustainable improvement.

Corrective Actions​

We drive the corrective action process following disciplined methods for: proper non-conformance identification, root cause analysis, implementation plan and effectiveness review.

Support with Notification body​

We assume full responsibility for the registration process with the notifying bodies. We select the notifying body, maintain contact, supply information and assure a successful process with the 1 stage audit, certification audit, follow up questions and resolution of any nonconformances.

ROI and organizational result​

We assess the improvement results to determine the return on investment (ROI) and the organizational impact. Monitoring the business effect of the management system implementation provides long-lasting impact the initiative for the company


Nuestro Método


Identify your operational opportunities, compliance risks, and a road plan for implementation.


Structure your business processes to assure sustainability and growth.


Resolve your immediate, proactive and reactive quality and compliance needs.​


CO2 refrigeration control units, 4 employees, Sønderborg, DK, Recertification, revamp and operation of ISO9001:201 management system

Desinfection water generators, 8 employees, Sønderborg, DK, Implemention of ISO9001:2015 from scratch

Design, Assembly and service of control panels, 65 employees, Esbjerg, Hobro, Ikast, Sønderborg DK, Recertification, revamp and operation of ISO9001:201 management system

Testing Automated Equipment, 12 employees, Sønderborg, DK, Implemention of ISO9001:2015 from scratch

Insulin pump for Diabetes II patients, 8 employees Nordborg, DK, Quality Sytems and validation of production process to ISO13485:2009

HiRel Division – Power semiconductors, 200 employees, Leominster MA USA, Merge quality systems for four sites in compliance to AS9001C

Operating room equipment (Surgical beds, boom and lights), 22 employees, Charleston, SC, USA, Established management system to meet ISO13485:2009

 Aerospace repair station – 6 employees, Commercial aircraft electric generators, Miami FL USA, Reestablished qmanagement system to CFR 141 to regain contract with Air Canada