Enabling business success

Quality & Compliance Made Simple

We resolve the quality and compliance challenges for small and medium sized companies. We implement and manage your quality, health, safety and environmental (QHSE) management systems responsibilities.

‍Management Systems and Financial performance are linked.

Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) bring most Employment  - 95% employees work for SMEs.

Danish Clean Water: ”Our post-delivery process is more cost effective and our product quality has improved”, Hagbard Clausen, CEO Danish Clean Water.

Only companies that implement ISO Quality Management Systems remain competitive.

CCM: “The outcome has been valuable for years to come” , Claus Moos, CEO CCM – Electronic Engineering.

We build TRULY integrated management systems.

Holtec: “Our ISO setup is simplified and focused on the bottom line" , William Hansen, Holtec Automatic A/S.

Reftronix: ”We structured our business coming closer to ISO 9001 certification and actual export opportunities”, Henrik Frederiksen, CEO Reftronix.

Sell superior quality products.
Increase your company’s value.
Improve financial performance.
Reduce waste.
Optimize your team’s efforts.
Concentrate on what you do best.

Quality and Compliance Management as a Service

Increase company’s value.​

​We manage your quality and compliance responsibilities to assure your efforts are concentrated on what you do best. This will also enable you to reduce your operating costs, increase your export opportunities and sales to larger customers, and build robust business processes.


We commit to your success by demystifying and adapting the ISO Management Systems to your company. We assure the ISO Management System supports your business goals and brings a positive cultural change. We integrate and engage with your team and business strategy. We offer standardized solutions and tailored services depending on your business needs. We are more than a consultant; we are a business partner.


CO2 refrigeration control units, 4 employees, Sønderborg, DK, Recertification, revamp and operation of ISO9001:201 management system

Desinfection water generators, 8 employees, Sønderborg, DK, Implemention of ISO9001:2015 from scratch

Design, Assembly and service of control panels, 65 employees, Esbjerg, Hobro, Ikast, Sønderborg DK, Recertification, revamp and operation of ISO9001:201 management system

Testing Automated Equipment, 12 employees, Sønderborg, DK, Implemention of ISO9001:2015 from scratch

Insulin pump for Diabetes II patients, 8 employees Nordborg, DK, Quality Sytems and validation of production process to ISO13485:2009

HiRel Division – Power semiconductors, 200 employees, Leominster MA USA, Merge quality systems for four sites in compliance to AS9001C

Operating room equipment (Surgical beds, boom and lights), 22 employees, Charleston, SC, USA, Established management system to meet ISO13485:2009

 Aerospace repair station – 6 employees, Commercial aircraft electric generators, Miami FL USA, Reestablished qmanagement system to CFR 141 to regain contract with Air Canada